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KT-80(s) vs. other motion sound or barbetta amps


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I'm looking for a new keyboard amp, or amps, to replace my old Roland Cube 60. Probably to be used with a Nord Electro 2. I did a search here awhile back, & the consensus (as I understood it) was that 2 KT-80's (in stereo) was the way to go; as opposed to one KP-100S or KP-200S.


I have a chance to buy one KT-80 for about $435, supposedly one year old, not a huge savings over new, I know. The guy selling it says he prefers his Barbetta amp (not sure which one). Any advice? I like the schlepping/weight/flexibility concept of 2 smaller amps over 1 huge one. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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You probably read some of my previous posts about the stereo KT80s. I have written volumes about this amp in this forum. I have been using this rig for several years now and I still love it! I say go for the amp at that price.




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