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Well, I broke down and bought the Elton DVD . . .


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. . . Dream Ticket ('cause I'm a fan and all), and it was all worth it for the 3rd disk alone!


The 3rd disk is Elton solo on the piano in Greece (I think), and it really gives him a chance to let loose on some songs. He really rocks out on Honkey Cat and Burn Down the Mission. He even gets the piano bench rocking! :eek: (I thought he was going to fall down :D ).


Not bad for a man his age. What am I saying . . . He kicks ass!!!!


Check it out!

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Thanks. I'll check it out. The last two nights I have watched Santana - Sacred Fire and a Pink Floyd laser disc that is not available on DvD.


Santana - Sacred Fire is another must have DvD for musicians. It was filmed maybe 10 years ago and is is a nice blend of old and mid career stuff. Good keyboards and GREAT percussion.



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