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Sound module


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I am trying to find a sound module. Iam willing to pay about 450.-500.00. I like piano, strings, bass, organ and guitars and rodes. Is there anything out there that have nice sounds u all may know of that fit the price range and sounds goods.??? Thanks :wave:
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You can get a used Kurzweil ME1 on Ebay for around 300.00. You cant layer or split sounds but with the exception of lame organs all the other sounds you mentioned are very good


I own a Roland XV 2020 which has many more sound, comes with an software Cd to edit and program patches and is expandable. Can be had for around 400.00 on Ebay and for maybe 150.00 more you can add the SRX-02 expansion board and have a really fine piano for recording or solo work.


Motif Rack is a good one. Used ones running around 800-900 dollars but that might drop some once the new Motif ES rack hits the stores. Might still be out of the price range you mentioned tho.


I would try the XV 2020 if I were you. EWall

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