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You need to check out the tsunami relief website and song


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A number of regulars around the MusicPlayer.com forums have collaborated to create an amazing vehicle for contributing to the tsunami victims. Phait put up a killer website and there is an MP3 download that was created in a few days. I just donated via PayPal to download it and the song is very good! I highly recommend that you check this out and congrats to the folks that did this!




There is a ton of info about this in the Collaboration Corner forum.




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Thanks for posting about this eric :thu:


Yes it's been a hectic week but it's all live now and happening.


PLEASE, if you could let anyone you know about the URL we'd be most grateful. 100% of proceeds go to the people that need it in Asia. Itonly requires a $3.80 US donation to get the song, written by Tedster and performed by a bunch of us.



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Originally posted by nursers:

Cmon guys - no response at all?? :P

i'm way too modest to speak up, personally. Oh OK I admit I downloaded the song. Happy to contribute! :)


I know Tedster is the vocalist, can you tell us who else is playing?

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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Originally posted by gangsu:

I know Tedster is the vocalist, can you tell us who else is playing?

From the "About Us - Credits" page:


Main Credits


Sharmin "YaCaBaby/Shars" Hall

London, England

Funk Management UK

- UK promotion & publicity


David "Nursers" Holloway

New South Wales, Australia

- Initial suggestion, web site hosting


J.L. "Phait" Kohli


phait accompli webdesign

- Website design


Rob Nieuwenhuis

RCN Productions

Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands

- Hosting & bandwidth


Song: "Tears We Share"


Chris "Chris_C" Campion


- Scotland promotion & publicity

- Contributor of classical intro


Dave "Offramp" Everhart

Colorado, USA

- Drums ('70 red sparkle Ludwigs)


Steve "Forceman" Force

Detroit, Michigan, USA

- Bass (1966 Fender Jazz Bass, 1975 MusicMan Stingray Fretless bass)


William "Billster" Hartzell

Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

- Writing help and lyrical suggestions

- Guitar harmony lines and solos (85 Gibson SG, recorded direct to MOTU DP4 at home, and e-mailed to Phil O'Keefe)


Lance "DJDM" Hayes

Washington, USA

- Keyboard (Wurlitzer EP100 - Tube Fleckstone Model 100 from the Reason "ElectroMechanical ReFill")


Ted "Tedster" Hoffman

Kansas City, Missouri

- Songwriting, main vocals (Rickenbacker 360-12, rhythm guitar)


David "Nursers" Holloway

New South Wales, Australia

- Keyboards


Phil "FIL" Jones

Bedfordshire, UK

- Backing vocals, website updates.


Phil O'Keefe

Riverside CA USA

Sound Sanctuary Recording

- Acoustic guitar, production, additional engineering, mixing and mastering.


Bunny Knutson

Richmond, CA

- Co-Producer (with Phil and Greg)


Jack "Sylver" Mathers

Pennsylvania, USA

- Lyrical suggestions, guitar


Dave Sisk


- Bass lines and drum tracks


Greg "Foxtick" Slusser

Sutter Creek, CA, USA

- Bass, assistant eng.


Ralph "Songrytr" Torres

Riverside, CA, USA

- Tambourine


Paul "PBBPaul" Williams

Wisconsin, USA

- Some guitar stuff


Tony Wow


- Guitar

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Thanks, DJDM. Seeing the list - which is much longer than I realized - gives some indication of the time and work you've donated to this project. May you be blessed with an overwhelming and generous response!


"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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Hi everyone,


Back in January the Face of Friendship project, which is running out of Collaboration Corner, released a song called "Tears We Share" to raise money for Tsunami victims. That song was written by Tedster and had a bunch of people work on it, not least Bunny, Phil, Tedster, FoxTick and Offramp (I know I've forgotten people here).


Well, a second song has been cpmpleted - this one called "Reaching Out" - written by a great guy called Hooper, performed by a bunch of people and mixed by DanS. Please go to the website (click on my sig link).


All you need to do is pledge a donation (it's now an honour system due to PayPal being a pain in the butt - please be honourable and donate) then you will be pointed to download URL. There's many years of rebuilding and donations needed to repair the damage of the Tsunami - I know a lot of you have already donated - but if you can find a few more dollars it all helps.





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