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happy o5 and all...


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Originally posted by steadyb:

Happy New Year!!! :)

that's a relief. I'm hearing Happy New Years around here. :confused: Making me crazy. Must be french. :P


So Happy New Year right back! I have to say, I've always been under the impression that musicians are a weird lot, but this has been fun. Here's to everyone who restores my faith in mankind. :wave:

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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wow, I haven't thought of Seal for a long time. I love that song Kiss From a Rose, oops I'm changing the topic again. Oh well. You've reminded me of my kids. Time to get off the internet and pick up the telephone.




Originally posted by The Pro:

"...but we're never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy..." Seal


Got a lot of freinds who didn't make it this far so I'm just glad to be here... Happy 2005!

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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Frankly my '04 sucked in a lot of big-life ways, but the sun is coming up, I can feel it, and as such, I want to wish you all a heartfelt happy new year.


I heard a BBC correspondent say that, when Midnight struck, he was shocked and moved to hear a bottle rocket whiz by his hotel window in Sumatra.

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Happy New Year everyone. Big surprise... I gigged. Played keyboards and set up (and broke down) the PA for my 8-piece funk band. So I was in a work mode all night, but it was a great gig. A benefit for a local child abuse prevention and counseling organization. Wonderful people, we got an awesome dinner, good pay, and people danced the night away. Couldn't have started '05 any better. The charity raised a metric buttload of money too, thanks in part to our draw and a very successful auction of donated vacation packages.


This band plays Seal's "Crazy" in fact, though we didn't last night. Man, what a synth workout. I still don't have that organ-like comp where the filter opens up sounding like I want it.


Didn't do much drinking - three cosmopolitans all night - and it was good to wake up clear-headed and make my coffee this morning, and not to be too worried about getting pulled over, though by the time I was done loading out it was 3:30, well past most of the action and my last cosmo at midnight.


Now to finish grading students' papers, which are due Monday morning. Oh, joy! Again, best wishes to all for a happy and successful 2005, and prayers for peace in the world. :)

Stephen Fortner

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Former Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine

Digital Piano Consultant, Piano Buyer Magazine


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Happy New Year! Like Steve, I gigged last night for what must have been about the 20th NYE in a row. Actually, I had maybe one or two years off somewhere along the way.


My band's gig was very interesting...perhaps bizarre is the right word for it. It was definitely fun. We were invited to play in the Richmond Coliseum following a NYE hockey game. We set up all our gear in an area adjacent to the ice rink, including big PA system (mains, amps, mixer, etc.) on a flatbed trailer, the kind pulled by 18 wheelers. Long, but narrow! It was tight getting all 10 of the band members plus a couple of sound guys on this flatbed, along with the gear.


We had VIP passes to the game and were able to mix and mingle right by the rink. That was pretty cool. Our singer did the National Anthem and knocked the place out. When it was time for us to play after the game, 2 big forklifts picked up the flatbed and towed it out to the center of the ice rink. We had to stand on the trailer and hold our gear to make sure it would not jostle out of position. Then we played to the audience in the stands. The playing part of the gig was not that exciting, since the crowd thinned out after the game and there was no dance floor setup... but it was fun to play in this huge venue on the ice! Probably one of the most surreal gigs I've done!




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