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why install some softsynths instead of just using the .dll file?


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Because a lot of people would have just as much fun if you replaced their computer by a p*rn mag, a notepad, a pencil, an envelope with 2 stamps, and a deck of cards. Costs less, does the same.


In other words, for the users where the following is in order: "in case you have no clue whatsoever where to put the .dll file and because you won't read the manual anyway we won't bother to explain." ;) .


Oh yes; an installation is nothing but copying files from one place to another. Some softsynths add information in the Windows registry, but usually those are paid for (stuff like the serial number, dongle etc.) A free softsynth has no use for that, hence the fact that some softsynths and effects are just .dll files and nothing more.

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Not always true. Certain Windows technologies (COM) require extensive entries in the registry for their dlls to be found by the system and other dlls. You can avoid running a formal install on these types of files by running an external program called regsvr32, but you have to KNOW ahead of time that these are COM dlls. This may or may not be the case for the specific soft synth you are running.



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In general, VST effects and softsynths only need to be put into the right folder. There's one registry entry for where to find VST plugins. Therefore, no installation needed as long as you know where to put them.


DX/DXi plugins' dll files need to be individually registered (put in the registry) so that programs can find them -- but they can be put anywhere. However, certain programs can look in specific places for DX plugins as well (i.e., a program might be able find its own plugins without them being registered).


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