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DW8000 help...


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I have one DW8000 now and noticed a strange little noise using the waveform n°3, it comes out while bending up the middle F#, or bending down the middle G#. I sounds like a step in the sound during the bend, a little "clunk" in the sound, it's not a loud noise, but you can hear that using the headfone.

I discovered that that "clunk" is actually a really fast "modulation" that appears(when bending it carefully, it souds like a "trrrrrrr"...)

It only happens with the waveform n°3...

Anyone with that gear could check that for me?, maybe my board have this "problem", maybe all DW's has it...

I really apreciate your help...



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I've been trying really hard to recreate the problem. So far, using any setting with waveform 3, I cannot hear the "clunk".


I can introduce a little of it....and I mean just barely... if I have attck turned almost to zero, and resonance all the way up on both oscillators.


Other than that, the pitch bend is as smooth as any other sound using any setting on waveform 3.




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