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mixdown or record?


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Originally posted by hangee_77:

I am wondering if you guys do mixdown or record your final 2 tracks?

Because somtimes I kinda disappointed that my mixdown didn't sound as good as when they were still in tracks.



How are you doing the mix-down and how are you listening to the tracks? Going out to analog and back into digital should not be worth doing.


I know of two possible problems:


1) Your software may be clipping some samples when you mix down. If you are working in a wider format (24 bits versus 16 for example) internally and when listening to tracks your software may clip on mixdown when it does not on track playback. I have had exactly this problem.


2) Are you applying dithering? Make sure you are in fact applying some. This adds a little noise that masks artifacts caused by going to only 16 bit audio. Should be an option at mix-down time.

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