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Need to choose a keyboard before Xmas - HELP!


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It's buy time! I've been doing research on Keyboards for way too long, but at least i've narrowed down my search pretty well, i'm still open to suggestions though. I gotta buy soon...


I should mention that i'm a beginner and have very little experience with keyboards/pianos, but i'm quite tech savvy so i can find my way around.


My Narrowed down choices are...


M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro - i know it doesn't come with sounds built in, but i'm planning to use whatever keyboard i get with the computer frequently. I don't like the feel of this one a whole lot, the keys don't seem too weighted, they're OK, but it doesn't feel like a piano, which it's probably not trying to do. Not even sure what 90% of it does...has a lot of knobs and levers and buttons. I'm not quite familiar with it, but i think i could learn. Also, could i load instruments (perhaps VSTIs) into it and then play the computer while it's not connected to anything? I'm thinking not, but i'm not sure. Might be able to get one for about $425


Then there's the Casio PX-100 - Not too familiar with this one either actually, just remember playing it very shortly, and if i recall if felt like a real piano to play. I like the price most of all, and i've read mixed things, mostly good. Not sure how well it works with the computer. Could get it for under $500


Then there's the Yamaha P-60 - Everyone seems to love the P series, but price is definitely and issue. This one feels real nice to play, and the piano sound is great. Also not sure how well it works with the computer, or if it does at all. It would be around $800 if i bought it new (with tax) , i really don't think i should go that high, even though it's really nice, that's too much to spend for me, especially for a beginner. Though i don't want to totally put it out of contention, heh.


I guess those are the choices now. Like i said, you can suggest something. I know people like the Yamaha a lot...just pretend like it was your money...and you didn't have much money :P


Thanks for reading :)

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I've got a Yamaha DGX-500 (now the 505) and it works great both as a controller and as a piano IMHO. I don't care about feel though. I intend to get a M-Audio Keystation myself only because I want more MIDI control. If feel is an issue you might look into a Yamaha S80 or S90 used? I think they feel more like a true piano myself.


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Those would be much too far out of my price range. The Yamaha DGX pianos look alright, but i don't even need built in sounds, and the keys don't feel weighted at all.


I played with the Casio PX-100 some more earlier tonight and i like it a good deal, it feels and plays very nice, sound is actually quite good. Kinda leaning that way now.

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I think what i'll do is get the PX-100 for a starter's piano, then in the future if i decide i need to upgrade i can get something a bit nicer.


I'd really like to know how the PX-100 works with the computer, or if it does at all. It needs to be able to freinds with my computer. Could anyone tell me?

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