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Anybody use Peavey PR-12 2-Way 12" Speaker Cab


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Hello everybody!!


I am trying to get a practice and small gig solution for my keyboard setup in a trio. I need stereo for piano, etc. So, I am thinking a couple of these nicely priced speakers and a mixer and I am all set. I typically use two keyboads and sometimes a sound module, etc.


More Info


Any thoughts or better ideas?





Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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Peavey cabinets have a reputation for unbalanced sound. That means you'll have to do some radical eq'ing to get a near-flat balanced sound out of them, which is very inefficient. The result of unbalanced sound is that certain notes on your keyboards will jump out while others will hardly be heard. Powered JBL EON speakers have a far more balanced sound and require less eq'ing, which is partly why they cost more. Peavey cabinets are good for entry-level vocal PA use but I wouldn't use them for keyboards if I had a choice. You'll spend more on JBL EON's but you'll be happier with them for longer, and they are built well so you'll get your money's worth out of them over many years. Get the padded covers to protect your investment.
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