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Retiring my 20 year old Korg DW8000


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After 20 years of faithful service, I am getting ready to retire my DW8000 from live use.


It has seen me through many gigs,good and bad.


Unfortunately, the hard use it's gotten the last three years is startgin to take it's toll. Weird midi glitches, random stuck keys. I've had this thing apart a lot to keep it in top conditon over the years, but I think it's time.


Okay..enough of the obituary.


Here's my setup.


I use a Yamaha S08 as my main piano.


In my rack I have an E-Mu Vintage Keys Pro.


I used the DW8000 for it's classic analog-type sounds layered with the Vintage Keys.


I need another keyboard to replace the Korg.


The way I play and what I play, I need something that can do assingable splits...modern technology stuff like that.


I've been thinking about getting just a new controller like a Roland, and using it with the E-Mu unit.


I'm not much of a programmer, I usually just tweak the factory sounds into what I need and go from there.


I've also looked at maybe getting an Alesis 6.2 with the Vintage plug in card, but am unsure of it's midi controller functions.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?






Gig Rig:Roland Fantom-08| Arturia Keylab 61MK2 | MacBook Pro 14" M1| Mainstage






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David, my first synth was a DX-7. A few years after acquiring it I saw a band that used the DW-8000, and it really made an impression on me, even through a nasty PA, how PHAT that thing sounded. Sounds like you got your money's worth out of it, thats for sure!

A replacement? Whoo, so many to choose from, maybe the Alesis Ion? I'll let others make more informed suggestions than I could (I'm still using my Nord Lead 1, but it doesn't offer the splits you're looking for).


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What is your budget?


Since you had such good luck with the Korg, perhaps you could consider a more modern Korg, like a Z1 or maybe a Triton. I do like the Ion and some of the other modern Romplers are all very good - Motif ES and Fantom. Also, check out the Nord Lead 2x. It is small and easy to move, but sounds great!


I have a similar story about retiring keyboards. I used a Roland JX8P (my first synth) from 1985 for about 10 years and then I retired it for home use only. It was heavily used during that time and has a lot of careworn signs of that use. I still play it from time to time.




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Have you thought at all about buying another DW8000 e.g. on Ebay? At least a year ago (when I bought my second one) there were a number of DW8000's in good condition going from US$150-250.


I would search eBay now, but I just can't...I might be too tempted to bid.


I'm dreading the day I have to retire my current DW8000. I still love to just waste time by improvising solos with fat synth leads, and sweeping the filter, and using the joystick bender.


I've even though about buying another DW as backup, but my wife would kill me if I even suggested that.

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I've seen the one's on ebay, and I have considered buying one or even two as backups since they tend to go cheap.


I've also considered picking up an ex8000 (the rack mount version) and having that and the EMu Vintage Keys Pro in my rack, controlled by a modern controller, i.e., Roland A-37.


Thanks for the suggestions.


Gig Rig:Roland Fantom-08| Arturia Keylab 61MK2 | MacBook Pro 14" M1| Mainstage






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