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Triton Sequencing....


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Anyone know anything about sequencing on the triton series? I have an Extreme 76, and I can sequence stuff...but it's different doing it from scratch with self-made drums, bass lines, etc. I know how to loop stuff in the right measures and quantize and junk, but I just really need some tips on making drums from scratch, and the layering everything on top of each other.



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I don't quite understand "making drums from scratch". The percussion kits provided are pretty diverse. I had a Triton Pro - I would midi a Roland SPD or midi drum pad to it to get the feel I wanted - I hate tapping it out on keys.


Its simple just to spread out the kit on a few tracks till you get the feel for it.


I would use an 8-track sequence and start with the meter. The first track would be bass drum + snare, second track hi-hat or ride , 3rd track fills and accents. Copy/paste/edit to your heart's content. Tracks 4 - 8 anything goes.


Hope it helps - I learned a lot of cool tricks on the beast by accident -

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