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Cheapest 88 key weighted keyboard?


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What's the cheapest 88 key weighted (fully weighted hammer action preferably) keyboard? Cheapest i could find was the M-Audio 88es and the Fatar Tm-88, they are both semi-weighted though. Anything else out there i could get for pretty cheap? Under $300 would be the goal. Gotta be compatible with the computer.
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Even used, pro-quality weighted keyboards are more than $300. One idea would be to snag a used Yamaha KX-88:




Or...go more towards the consumer market with a used Casio Privia:




"Cheap weighted keyboard" is an oxymoron - good luck finding one under $300!


Kurzweil PC4; Yamaha P515; EV ZXA1s

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Not sure whether you're serious about this... or why it's hard to comprehend... but I'll take a stab at it:


1) Materials costs - many weighted-action keyboards not only use real wood (or MDF) to provide some of the 'weight' (some also use metal as appropriate), but the entire action assembly involves more hardware. Think Kia vs. Bentley ;)


2) Feature set - you'll generally only find a piano-weighted action on either an electronic piano or a high-end MIDI master controller keyboard (or a hybrid of the two). Contrast this with the dime-a-dozen USB 'keyboards' that are available that have very few features, and are priced accordingly.


Given your budget, I'd suggest looking for a used electronic piano (an older Yamaha P-series or Roland F-series, perhaps) on eBay. You'll be lucky to find one as inexpensive as you're hoping to pay, but you never know.


Of course, there are two current options, that you've already been told of above; the Fatar/StudioLogic TMK88 and the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88. The former is at your price point, the latter is somewhat higher.


That's the reality... you can choose whether to accept it or not, of course. ;)




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Originally posted by BOPBEEPER:

Try looking for a used Ensoniq ZR76. 76 weighted keys, a song sequencer, and some (old now) sounds thrown in.

Couldn't find much info on this keyboard...not on google or ebay anyways. Looks pretty nice, anyone know what's the price for one nowadays? Does it work well with the computer?
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I would recomend that you stay away from the keystation from m-audio. That product is plagued with tons of problems. I am ok with their sound interfaces (some of them). However, their weighted keyboards have tonz of problems. There is actually a thread about them on this forum. I went through two keystation units before I got my refund. If I were you, I would save some more cash and buy one of the yamaha p series, or an S80.
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