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Looking for digiPiano/keyboard for around 700USD

Peter Cossaboom

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Hey, you guys probably get these all the time. I've looked through the archives quite a bit, however I still need some more information.


I have a 700USD to spend. I'm mainly looking for something with 88 good weighted hammer action keys, and a good piano sound. A USB interface would be a huge plus, as would some simple recording stuff built in. I'd definitely enjoy a large variety of sounds, or built in drum machine, but these features are of less consequence.


In my price range I haven't found too much new stuff. I can get a Casio Privia PR400 for about that, and it seems pretty good. I haven't been anywhere that has any korgs or rolands on display, mostly just williams, yamahas, and casios. Any advice is appreciated.


Thanks for your time.

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Peter, "nolights" suggestions are good. :)


$700US will also get you, brand-spankin'-new,

this pretty-sweet all-in-one rig

(that would seem to nicely cover all your requirements):




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I can second the motion on the Yamaga DGX. I've had one about a year and love it! I use it to control my computer vst instruments as well. It is not 88 weighted but does have velocity sensitivity and some resistance. I grew up playing on organs and have been playing "synth" keyboards for years so the "weight" thing isn't too much of an issue for me.


Another option you may look into is drop $500 on the M-Audio Keystation Pro-88 and spend the rest on a soundcard, software instruments and sequencers. Unless you specifically want to use your rig live you may find this would open all kinds of new doors for you and be much more flexible and expandable in the long run.


Kronos 88 | MODX7 | Wavestate | Crave | KeyLab 61 | CPS SSv3 | MacBook Pro | MainStage | More VSTs than I'll ever figure out




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Hmmm. I'vs pretty narrowed it down to what seems to be the two best, although rather different, choices. I like the top of the line privia for it's simplicity. No computer or anything. Cheapest I've seen it is about 800.


My other choice is the keystation pro 88. I've found this for about $450 online, which is an obvious advantage. I would need to invest in some decent monitors, however, as my laptops speakers aren't great, and I wouldn't want to use headphones all the time. I have a mac, and compatability seems to be excellent, so no worries there.


I don't really know a whole lot about software instruments, instrument samples, etc. so I'm a little wary there. I've used garageband some with my guitar, which I enjoyed. It seems to me that the keystation pro 88 would be much more flexible/expandable, as I could always use the newest piano/whatever samples as they come out.


Are there any costs or hangups that I should watch out for with the keystation pro 88? This is the direction I'm leaning, but I know even less about this variety of instrument then I do about keyboards.


Thanks for your help everyone!

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OK, so I got play around with a Yamaha Motif ES8 [something like that anyways], WOW. The string samples were incredible. I obviously can't aford this board, however I was thinking it might be possible to get similar samples on my Mac, end then use the m-audio board to play using them. Would this be possible, and how much would it cost? Thanks again.
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