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Anyone make MIDI sustain type pedals?


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Hi there, my 1st post here!


I have a Yamaha P80 which I'm using to drive a Fantom XR. The P80 only has 1 pedal input for a sustain, but I would love 1 or 2 more for changing leslie speed, program change etc.

After an extensive google search the only pedals I can find are big monsters with 10 or so pedals on them.....


Does anyone make a basic midi pedal? I'm amazed that I can't find one.


Thanks People!

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Hi Hobo, welcome to this amazing place :)


I can recommend the Anatec Pocket Pedal which is a small external MIDI box where you can connect an additional pedal.


Unfortunately, the Anatec company has quit some time ago and these devices are quite rare. I have one Pocket Pedal myself. Although I don't use it currently, I won't give it away :P


There is an auction currently at eBay:


Maybe you can convince the German seller to sell to Scotland. Should be no big deal since we have the EU ;)


There is also an amazing guy named Tom Scarff who maintains a web site with lots of useful MIDI stuff. His "Switch and Controller MIDI Foot Pedals" could be exactly what you are looking for:


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Those products look great. In particular, the F8 - just imagine having 8 full multitimbral chords at your feet!


The problem, of course, is money - for the same $$$ as a single footswitch unit fom those guys you can get the FCB1010 from Behringer (even tho it IS a "big monster pedal" lol).

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Cheers people.


The anatek looks the most promising, will check that out. Midi solutions seem a bit pricey. All I really want is a damper pedal with a 5 pin din instead of a 1/4 " jack, I know it's not that simple, but I'm amazed there's no market for them.

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I've looked into this as well some time ago. Couldn't find anything really satisfying.


For controlling B4 on my laptop I bought a 5 euro mouse, dissembled it, soldered jacks on the button-connections, assembled it again and programmed a little piece of software that changed the button changes (now pedal changes) into midi-messages. Very cheap and very light solution.


A laptop-less solution would be buying a Doepfer Pocket Electronics (80 Euros) and solder some jacks (or whatever) on it. Gives you 16 pedals!

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