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Emerson Plays Emerson CD


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If you like Emerson's piano work this import is a must have.


It has 22 tunes. The styles varies between classic, jazz and

' boogie woogie' ( Cajun, barrelhouse) . His classical and tonal pieces are touching and emotional.


He plays all these styles as superb as ever. I don't know of any other keyboardist with this depth of style and ability.


I realize $27 is a stiff price. You can improve on that by going to Amazon

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out ?

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I have it. It seems to be a compilation of tunes done in different periods and situations. While the playing is highly enjoyable, the album itself lacks in unity: Other than being in different styles, the tunes vary wildly in volume, quality of recording, piano tone, eq, etc. A little mastering work would have been welcome.

However, the playing is generally very good, superb at times. The funky "Summertime" is a lot of fun.

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