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older synthesizer reccomendations and Red Sound DarkStar XP2 opinion


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I'm looking for an older synth around $100 or probably less. I want something with some knobs and or sliders, I guess the more the merrier.

I'm thinking along the lines of and considering Korg mono/poly, Arpaxxe, Korg poly6, Realistic. I want something that changes paramaters like lfo, and filter and stuff...I'm not sure what the ones I listed actually do;I already have a main analog modeling synth; I just want an older synth to tweak; I'm not really conserned about it sounding amazing, I imagine it will have a gritty older sound.

I'm also considering a Red Sound DarkStar XP2. Do you think it's pointless to get that synth if I already have a main synth for Fx, leads, pads, etc- I just want an extra flavor, though, so.

What about the red sound XP1?


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Gali, don't you still have that JP8000? Plnty o tweaking to be done there :) And the Darkstar XP2 is also fun, though not nearly as intuitive.

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I have an XP2...it's the most average analog synth I have ever played. Average filters, average osc's, average features all around. There's nothing really bad about it per se, but depite it's huge footprint in the rack (I got the ears), I hardly notice it being there.


But it's a good deal for the price.

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ok , now you're talking. Out of monophonic analogics that you can get for $400-500 i'd recommend (taking into account sound, but reliability/maintenance as well):


SCI Pro-One - obvious choice. its 80s analog sound. CEM sound - ripping, cutting. very popular.


MonoPoly - much softer. kinda closer to 70s sound, but not quite. uses SSM chips. sweet filter. more versatile than pro-one. four VCOs, cross mod etc. i've seen them go for more than $500, but you might stumble upon one for that money, or even less.


Roland SH-2 - typical 'woody' Roland 70s sound. Very different than moog. Discrete based , instead chips like the other two, brings some additional smoothness and width to its sound.


so there you have it - three very different sounding synths:


PRO ONE - Dont Go

MonoPoly Workshop




possibly a multimoog or prodigy in very good shape.


for more demos, check the link in my signature ;)

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