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Rod Argent Appreciation Thread


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I've had Argent's "In Deep" cranking through iTunes recently and thought we should give some props to Rod Argent.


Listening to the best Argent stuff and the best Zombies stuff I re-realize(!) how influential he has been not only on my playing but my sogwriting/composing.


And oh yeah he can sing realy well.


So let fly with your Rod Argent praise.

Weasels ripped my flesh. Rzzzzzzz.
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OK, I confess. I don't know anything other than "Hold Your Head Up". :D


Which isn't a bad tune at all! But I'm sure there's got to me more to the man. You're not the first to go on about how great he is.


If you could recommend one iTunes album to rectify that situation, what would it be?



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Dave - iTunes' Music Store is limited to the 'Argent Anthology' which is a pretty crappy 'best-of'. However from that list, for my $0.99, try:


God Gave Rock & Roll To You


It's Only Money - Part One

Time of the Season (Live - has some bitchin' Minimoog solos)


Liar has some nice Wurly.


I am a big fan of the album 'In Deep', but most people think the group's best work was on its first two albums - 'Argent' and 'Ring of Hands'.


Here's more info:

RodArgent.com - Argent section


Surely you know his Zombies stuff (She's Not There, Time of the Season, Whenever You're Ready)???

Weasels ripped my flesh. Rzzzzzzz.
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Rod's stuff with the Zombies still holds up well after all these years. Check out the tasty solo in "She's not there". Done on a pianet, IIRC.


Or the equally clever solo in "Time of the Season". Is there a way to play that without double-tracking?

Tom F.

"It is what it is."

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Ooh, good thread!


"Ring of Hands" - This album influenced me hugely and still gets regular play at my house.


The three rock organists who influenced me the most at the time I graduated from combo organ to Hammond were Mark Stein, Rod Argent, and Jon Lord (then Brian Auger a little later).


I loved Emerson and liked Wakeman, but neither one of these two influenced my actual playing as much as Rod Argent did.





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Originally posted by konaboy:

Originally posted by tarkus:

He and Don Airey were the featured keyboardists on Andrew Lloyd Weber's only good album: "Variations" oddly enough out of print.

First time I've met another musician who is familiar with this awesome album!
Yeah - real great line-up of musicians:


Gary Moore on guitar: I always wished he pusued more of this direction. I think that album would've sucked without his playing.


Two drummers: Phil Collins and the drummer from Colliseum (I forgot his name but you could tell by the huge quadruplets).


Julien Lloyd Weber on Cello (not bad - not great)


The sax player (female) really great stuff, some of the best sax stuff I've heard in that context.


There were some tuned percussion as well but I don't know who played it.

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Originally posted by marino:

I have an old recording of "Variations" - I never suspected who the keyboard players were. Thanks a lot for the info.


Anyway - long live Rod, a tasteful master and king of musical understatement.



Ya know - had it not been for this album, I would not have heard of some of these players.


This album is the basis for 90% of Andrew Lloyd Weber's schtick. It's his 'riff stock-pile'. Variations on The A minor Caprice of Paganini (another great export from Parma!).

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I simply love Rod Argent in his Argent days. It's still a shame he is another who's left out whenever there are talks of great Hammond players.


Sure he dived headstrong for a while into the progzone, but if you listen carefully, his arrangements, solos and overall playing are Top Notch and rarely came out sounding cheesy. I think that's the reason I always liked most of his albums from In Deep and after.

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HCMF, couldn't agree more. Both you and Marino have touched on Argent's arranging/tastefulness and I agree its one of his best attributes. I think it stems from an early pop/songcraft sentiment during the Zombies days.


Like Wakeman...Argent knew when not to play...to the advantage of the songs.

Weasels ripped my flesh. Rzzzzzzz.
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...one of Argent's best organ solo's was from "In Deep"-the tune "Be Glad".

A Zombie favorite was the Vox intro on "Indication".

I found a live album a few years ago with "Be My Lover, Be My Friend" on it, as well as some of the usual suspects (Hold Your Head Up, It's Only Money, Dance of Ages, etc.). It was a lot more fun than the live album with the overused Mini and Mellotron released in the mid-'70's.

He was great live-I got to see the band in '72 in a club that probably held less than 400/500...

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