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mackie 1642 vs 1604 VLZ?


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The 1642 has a Graphic and Effects, the 1604 does not. The 1604 has 4 aux buses and 2 extra switchable ones. I think the 1642 only has 2 auxes. The mixers sound the same to me. I have a 1604 that is starting to go. I think I am going to go with the 1642. It's a lot of board for the money. The 1604 is much more versatile, though.
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I believe Anamoly is mistaken. I own a 1642VLZ Pro and it has no Graphic or FX. It does have 4 aux and I believe that the main difference is in fact that it has 6 fewer pres. I use it live and occasionally i do wish I had the extra pres but I selected this one because it is a tad smaller and fit better in my SKB pop up mixer case.


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I bought a 1604VLZ well over 5 years ago. The 1642 (no VLZ) was an older model, with only 8 mic pre's. The 1642VLZ, sounds like a newer model. There are subtle differences in the features, but all are probably overkill for most keyboard setups. This is good.


My 1604VLZ is perhaps my favorite piece of gear and my wisest purchase ever. No problems at all, and it's been used hard. Even though I'm looking at smaller ones for my rig, my 1604VLZ not for sale.

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I heard that the 1642 & 1604 VLZ-Pro have some kind of symptom that it sends no output to the left side when first turned on, unless a really loud signal is pumped thru it. And even then it cuts back out until I push a strong signal thru it again.

is it true?



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