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Travellin' light - please help for good keyboard

yannis D

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hello my friends

I would like to have your oppinion on the "travellin' light" thing...

I recently had a gig with world music maestro Omar Faruk Tekbilek. I played with him in Rome and in the next year i'll play with his ensemble in Spain and several other european countries. For the gig I need to have with me my laptop (easy) my Nord Lead's 2 card (easy too) and also I nice keyboard for strings/accordions/piano stuff. Actually this keyboard's my main problem, as its impossible to carry my GEM WK3 Oriental on the airplane (too heavy, much money to pay for), and I must (the production) find a nice alternative in each and every country we're on.

So that't the question

What keyboard you suggest the production should find in every european country we go? I need something with top quality sounds, and one that someone could easily find in countries that diverse as Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Italy - that means something either from Korg, Roland or Yamaha... (they had bad time finding a GEM WK Oriental and they gave my the GME WK3 wich was aufull)...

In terms of quality and sounds, I need nice and lush strings, accordion, organ and a very good piano sound. The instrument mnust have 6 octaves (for piano) and semi weighted keys for the string/accordion stuff. Also, the possibility to play more than one isntrument at a time, on the same layer. The possibility of detuning different notes in some songs is also good - but not the main question.

So, that it is. Any response will help my much - me and my ... back!

Thnx in advance



Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Semi-weighted will probably force you to an 88-key configuration. It's been a common lament here on the board that no one can find a weighted/semi-weighted board in a 73/76 key model.


With the exception of the accordion, I think The Triton, Fantom, or Motif could handle your needs well. They might be okay for accordion too, I just don't know that for sure. But they all have great pianos, organs, and strings. I'd recommend auditioning each one's 88-key model, paying particular attention to the touch, the interface, and the accordion patches - the other sounds are universally great.


Good luck! Sounds like a great gig - be sure to regale us with stories of the tour!



I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

"Tower of Polka." - Calumet

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Thnx man! I'll check out all those keys in Athens in the next days - as you say, I also think that the Triton will do the job in a smooth way, but I have to check the others too before I make my mind.

As far as stories from the tour... Well, the first gig in Rome (November 26) was just fine, exept it was for guests (italian and turkish politicians/businessmen/and so on). So the real deal comes around April - hopefully we'll be touring Spain for 3 or 4 gigs, so i'll have more details then.



Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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