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Software Synths/Drums: Ready to make the leap?


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Hey all,


I'm finally considering a jump from hardware (Roland XV-5080, Korg Triton Rack) to software synth/sample playback solutions.


In my NYC commercial project studio, I play all the instruments for my client's projects and rely on realistic sound reproduction on a daily basis.


Drums (which I actually perform in realtime off my keyboard), bass, strings, brass, etc... are all needed to sound as realistic as possible and I acheive satisfying results with my current setup.


I'd like to know of any real world stories where the jump from hard to soft was accomplished with relative ease and satifying sonic results (not to mention ease of setup/use/integration into Pro Tools LE, etc..).


I work on a Mac G4/867 DP/9.2/ w/Digi 001. If I need to jump to a G5 as well I'd consider it.


So...which software demo versions should I be checking out?


Thanks for any info, Dean

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Get SampleTank 2 Free. It's not quite a demo, but it's not quite ST2, either. Also look into Hypersonic. Not sure if there's a demo for that, but try and get your hands on one at a store. Also, Mach 5.


I'm not ready to make that full leap. I just got SampleTank 2XL after putting it off for a long while (too many bugs, I heard). Having used it as strictly a, and I hate this term for some reason, "ROMpler" (no rolling my own presets with my own samples or anything), it's actually pretty good. It's not a Roland, but it gets the job done.


It's just not convenient or quick enough for me and how I work. I sequenced it with PT, Tracktion, and even the MPC (through Tracktion). And though I was pleased with the results, getting there was a longer path than usual.


I like them, I use them, I'll continue to use them, but I'm not ready to go all soft just yet.


If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking 'til you do suck seed!
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