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Suggest music-related uses for handheld PDA


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I'm on the brink of purchasing a PDA. Haven't decided if I should get a Palm or Pocket PC device.


Apart from the usual gaming, email, internet, mp3 and organizer uses are there any musical related applications relevant to a keyboard player?


Some ideas I've come up with are using it as an archive for song chord progressions. Anybody got any other suggestions? Is there any software for musicians for these devices?

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I was considering a PDA days ago, but I got a little MP3 player instead. I could've gotten a nice PDA deal though ($200 / Palm Tungsten-E with 128mb card), but I really couldn't think of how useful it would be for me. My original notion was that yeah, I'll use it as an MP3 player, and then probably use a few extras you don't find on MP3 players, but I was just debating even if it would be worth it, and right now - not really.


Anyway, the Tungsten-E sure looks like a nice deal, that particular deal was at the Palm site for only a limited time (now expired)... elsewise theres a Palm Z something or other, color-screen, $150 (I've seen it $100 in local store ad), but it's body is blue. I prefer something neutral.

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I'm thinking of writing a Java application for the Palm/PocketPC that reads BIAB songs and displays the chords on the screen. Perhaps with the option to transpose the song and display the new chords.


It would be neat to be able to have thousands of jazz standards on the PDA (BIAB files are very small), with the option to transpose them on the fly... Beats carrying around a bunch of books in just one key.


What do you think? Any suggestions?

hang out with me at woody piano shack
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Originally posted by Byrdman:

Originally posted by bearded yeti:

Get a palm device.


I've found some cool music related software... piano&guitar chord references, a little sequencer, and some other stuff like that. Good stuff.

What do you use for MIDI?
interface: http://www.minimusic.com/interface.html


software: http://palmsource.palmgear.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=software.showsoftware&prodID=57847



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