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getting better sound quality

pete psingpy

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I wanted to get some ideas and advice on getting some better (more realistic) sounds from my home recording setup.


Right now I have a yamaha S80 as controller, cubase vst 5.1, pentagon VSTi, and a couple other hardware synths.


In terms of priorities, what I'd really want to focus on first are:


1. higher quality acoustic pianos - for rock, jazz, blues, boogie, and a touch of classical (mostly pop/rock jazz)


2. better acoustic drums for rock/pop, blues, jazz


These are the priorities, but I'd also like better string basses (elec and acoustic), tonewheel organs, guitars. I'm pretty content with the strings, synth leads, synth basses, and generally analog synth sounds I already have.


Right now, for drums and pianos, my Yamaha S80 is the best I have.


It seems like software sampling is where I need to head, but the possibilities and options seem endless. For example


- Gigastudio

- Battery

- Drumkit from Hell 2 which has a built-in software sampler

- Halion

- Sampletank

- Kontact?

- BFD?


Money is always an object. So while it would be great to go with something like DFH2, it might be better overall to go with something more comprehensive like Sampletank, or Giga. But, on the other hand I really don't need a lot of other sound types.


Thanks for any help

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Well, real acoustic instruments like piano and drums are the very hardest of the hard to get to sound natural... I could see why you would be feeling the need, but it ain't easy! Good luck!



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I sort of forgot in my original post, although it was wordy enough I think: Whatever I end up with for drums it would be great if some midi example files are provided with patterns and fills. Maybe some audio loops, although I'm not too much into that.


I'm pretty sure DFH and BFD, and maybe Battery include midi files.


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