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About ready to buy the Edirol PCR-80...is the best choice for cheap 61 controller?


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I wouldn't bother. For a few dollars more you can probably find a used Alesis QS 6.1 or something comperable.


I bought the PCR-50 to control the Leslie portion of B4 soft synth. (It sits on top of my B3.) The PCR is just a cheap looking piece of crap, I actually put it out of sight when I'm going to have company.

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I have an Edirol PCR-80 and after using M-Audio and Evolution controllers, the Edirol is definitely a better build quality. That includes the keyboard, knobs and sliders.The keyboard is the best synth action I've tried on a 61 note USB/MIDI controller. It is firm, even, and doesn't bottom out. It's true that there are better key beds on some synths, such as the Kawai K5000 or the Yamaha DX7, but you won't find a better 61 note keyboard action on any currently available USB/MIDI controller for under $400. Even over $400, the only 61 note USB/MIDI controller that might have a better feel (I've never tried one, though) is the Novation ReMOTE 61 .
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