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Bill Evans -- Time Remembered


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Gosh, This is a really interesting album. It collects his first recordings (on Riverside) after the death of Scott Lafaro. The trio stuff, with Chuck Israels and Larry Bunker, is nice enough but pretty tepid compared to, say, the Village Vanguard sessions which I've also been listening to obsessively.


But the unaccompanied pieces on Time Remembered are out of this world. the 10 minute imrpov on the theme of Danny Boy is one of the most transcendent bits of playing I've ever heard from anyone, on anything. Gee whiz, if you don't know this album, and you like Evans, please check it out.


The piano tone on it is actually kinda bad, and utterly irrelevant.

Check out the Sweet Clementines CD at bandcamp
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I have the box set of Bill Evans' entire Riverside discography and it's AWESOME. On your advice, I'm listening to "Danny Boy" right now. I've heard it before and it is absolutely STUNNING. Thank you for the reminder to point iTunes to this fabulous track. Bill Evans is so amazing.



Roses are red

Violets are blue

All my base

Are belong to you

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