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FINALE experts! I need your help!

Scott Jones

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I've been using a really old version of Finale for about a decade, professionally, and had purchased 2002 when it came out, but for fear of getting bogged down in the learning curve, I put it off until today.


I switched everything over to 2002, and am having problems with once simple tasks....


One big problem is that when I play my office MIDI keyboard (also old....a Roland JV-30) into the speedy entry, it is very slow, I almost have to pound out the note, to get it to read.


And worse, when I try and input a chord (more than one note, vertically ---not the chord symbols), it can't read it at all. It comes out as several wrong single notes, horizontally.




And playback works, sometimes. Not very reliably.


I have a HUGE orchestral project and a deadline creeping up, I need to fix this, quickly.


Can someone help?





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I figured it out.


Somehow, the mic input was turned on, and it was receiving input from my speakers into the mic on my MAC, rather than from the MIDI device itself.


It became clear when I noticed that regardless of what MIDI changes I made it responded the same, and then the final revelation came when I just unplugged all MIDI, only to find it still receiving SOME input of notes.


The playback is still weird, but I'm making headway.


The biggest mystery is solved.





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