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Ivory CPU utilization issue solved - it wasn't Ivory's fault....

Dave The Rave

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As those who care about Ivory may know, I was having CPU utilization spike issues when running Ivory - it appeared that when I suddenly played loud or soft, causing Ivory to work harder to get a different sample, the CPU utilization spiked up to 100% momentarily and caused an audio interruption/glitch.


Well, I solved the issue. It appears that I didn't have my CPU speed setting correct on the dual 2GHz G5 Mac. There's a click button for "Auto" where the Mac decides on the speed to use based on the current utilization. I had that button clicked on....whoops! This meant that most of the time, my CPU's were being idled at a lower CPU speed, and then was switching up to full speed when needed. However, the switch-up isn't smooth enough for this feature to be any good in a DAW.


I clicked the "Fastest possible all the time" CPU speed setting instead, and of course, the problem just vanished. Phew!


So, I thought I'd better pipe up and tell the world that there isn't any CPU utilization issue with Ivory after all. It was my own stupid fault. My apologies to Synthogy for even hinting that there might be a problem!


I have been almost totally absorbed with playing the various pianos in Ivory since I got it....almost to the total exclusion of playing my new XK-3! Ivory is simply brilliant IMO.


Cheers all,


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