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anyone own a Yamaha QY700?

Dave Horne

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Since the Roland DR880 may not be the right tool for me I was wondering if anyone here has the QY700?


I researched this before and learned that this item was introduced about 10 years ago. From that information alone I would suspect that there could be a newer model coming out sometime in the near future(?).


At any rate, I would love to hear from someone who uses a QY700 on a daily basis. Thanks, DH

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I have a (online) friend who uses the QY700 as his main sequencer, and he absolutely swears by it, especially in terms of how quick it is to work with in the early stages of song development.


That said, I have never used one myself, so take that for what it is...anecdotal.


You can download the manual from Yammy of course, just to get an idea of what it offers.





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