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Andy Merrett

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Don't worry - I think the other thread is answering my questions...


I know this question has been asked many times so apologies for asking it again, but I wanted to give my particular setup requirements:


  • Not required for studio use (have monitors for this)
  • Live setup always has fairly good foldback speakers, and on-stage is generally not excessively loud, so really just for reinforcement and not having to rely totally on the PA.
  • Max budget GBP200 (US$350)
  • Not too heavy!

Any advice?


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I have to agree on the JBLs. In the band I play in we have 2 JBLs (passive with Spirit Powerstation 600 powered mixer) for FOH and 2 powered JBLs (not the G2) as stage monitors. IMHO keys and vocals don't sound as clean & pure through anything else. Not to mention electro acoustic guitars, saxes, blues harp etc.

We bought the powered ones secondhand for around GBP500 for the two. They are well used and scratched to hell but sound superb. Not easy to find used though.

Nord Electro 3

Roland JV-90

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