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randy clay

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I'm new to the keyboard forum, but I have been lurking/posting in lowdown and SSS for a while. My son is an upcoming keyboard player, who's got a good grasp of theory and has good hands and ears. He is wanting to learn the "correct" way to finger all the scales. Is there a DVD or video resource you can recommend?


Thanks from Hawaii,


Randy Clay

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Of course, this one is my favorites: :)




Gain rare insight into the musical thinking of one of the most influential popular songwriters and arrangers in America. Donald Fagen analyses three Steely Dan hits ("Chain Lightning," "Peg," "Josie") and two solo works from his Grammy-nominated album Kamakiriad ("On The Dunes," "Teahouse On The Tracks"). These songs use familiar blues and R&B structures, and Donald explains how, by altering the bass line and chordal qualities, he transformed them into sophisticated jazz-rock compositions. You'll trace the development of increasingly complex pieces as Donald and Warren Bernhardt reveal each tune's singular structure, harmonic and rhythmic characteristic, intro ideas and other devices.


Is There Gas In The Car? :cool:

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