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Volume pedal suggestions for the Voce


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I want a nice clean volume pedal for the studio. What do you guys recommend? It's for a Voce V5/R3-147 combo.

And for controlling the rotor speed, do you recommend the foot switch that comes with the Motion Sound or a hand switch, like that found on the B3? Any recommendations are appreciated.

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I used a V5 for a few years with an Ernie Ball volume pedal that was wonderful.


On the speed switch, I like the footswitch provided with the Motion Sound. I customized one to make the cord detachable, so I could use a longer or shorter cord and also makes packing it easier.


I also have a customized Leslie half moon switch that I wired to have a 1/4" output that would control the Motion Sound speed. There is some info on the Motion Sound website about customizing speed switches and other mods you can make.


Hope this helps.




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