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Stereo Monitoring Onstage for us Keys Players


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Hi Everyone,

i gig all the time with my Bon Jovi Tribute band in England... trouble is onstage, space is very tight sometimes, i use a ROLAND KC500 Keyboard combo.. i have just bought a new ROLAND FANTOM X8, bought it home and plugged it into my KC500 and was sort of impressed, but something wasnt right.. it sounded sort of "blocked" if you know what i mean, like it wasnt really full sounding.. anyway i plugged my headphones in and WOW !!! thicker more ballsy sound, piano sounded more like a piano than anything i have tried, now do you think the reason for this is because the KC500 is just a mono speaker ? so thats why it sounds weird ? i would love stereo monitoring for myself onstage to appreciate my equipment when i play! does a manufacturer make such a stereo keyboard combo? i know you can link 2 x KC500 together, but the band wont be happy with me taking that much space up !!! Lol


any advice please?

Roland Fantom X8 (SRX-04, SRX-07, SRX-11, SRX-12) - Yamaha Motif ES7 - Kawai MP11 - Hammond XK-1C - Korg TR Rack - Korg SG Rack - Quiklok Z72 - Quiklok SL930 - Electrovoice SXA360's





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Definitely what you are missing is the stereo sound. Especially with the Roland Fantom X8 the piano sounds are all stereo. The other thing you could be missing is entire sections of the frequency response curve. I haven't heard your monitor so I dont know, I am just going by the symptoms. If it sounds great with headphones its probably because of two things:

1) stereo

2) clearer mids, highs, lows

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You need stereo and the KC500 is notorious for sounding bad with piano. They got the mid rnge all wrong in that amp. Try a pair of Mackie SRM350 powered speakers or better a pair of EV SXa360.

Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." Harry spends his time teaching jazz piano online and playing solo piano gigs.

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