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Yamaha PLG-150AP Now Shipping!!


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Cool. I have to say that I'm excited about this bad boy, as my landlord has an S80 which this thing would sound really good in. And it's nice to see Mike Martin's words on the website. Go Mikey! :D
This keyboard solo has obviously been tampered with!
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I have the PLG-150PF in my S-80. Among other things that I do, I play piano-based instrumentals. I got the card about a year ago, mainly because when I play sequences (SMF's) and accompany the tunes on piano, I'd tended to run out of voices with the more complicated arrangements. I think the S-80 pianos are great and wouldn't have otherwise 'replaced' them with something else if I didn't have to. The sounds on the PF card are ok...some are good...they pre-date the S-80's, but the main piano sounds are more or less comparable. I usually use the Bright Grand patch from the card with the sequences since that seems to cut though the best (although there's this irritating 'click' on some of the upper-register notes...nothing that anybody else notices, but I do after playing it for a year.) And there are a few patches on it that I prefer above the S-80's patches when playing certain piano-only pieces.


When I heard about the AP card, I was immediately interested...However, Mike Martin indicated that it was going to be a "mellower" tone. For my sequences, I need something that will cut through 10 or 12 tracks of accompanyment. I saw Mike's video, and I downloaded the MP3's. It sounds very good, but I think I'm going to wait for some reviews before I consider getting one. (I'd love to try one myself, but I'll have to wait to see if one of the 2 music stores in Connecticut that will sell them [ok, there may be a third, but on the other side of the State] will have one available to play.)


I hope to hear from forum members who will be buying them after they give it a spin. I may have some specific questions for them.


(Of course, I haven't ruled out buying it just for the sake of having another great sounding piano sound to go with my S-80 even if it doesn't do well with sequences!)

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Jeff, I think you are probably right and doubt it will suit your mixes. It will probably be too "mellow" sounding and not bright/percussive enough for your mixes.


It's hard to know at this point if it will also be too mellow to play live with a jazz quartet. Also, a lot will depend on the quality of the speakers producing its sound. It may need Meyers Sound speakers to enable it to sound bright enough live.

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I have one on the way for my S90, supposedly to be received by end of next week. I have my fingers crossed.


The main reason I am getting it is to increase polyphony and allow for better layering. I like to use the S700 Triple Strike layered with thick pads and strings. I often find that I easily max out the 64 voice polyphony when I stack piano with too many other sounds.


For the type of music I play at gigs, a brighter and more cutting sound is what I mainly need, though there is room for a mellow sound as well. I will be curious to try the new AP card with some different EQ settings on both ends of the spectrum.


I am also interested in this mellower, more expressive sound for when I play for enjoyment at home. I'm hoping it may replicate the feeling of sitting at a real piano, perhaps more than the current very good piano sounds offered by my S90. Based on the web demos I've seen and heard, I have great expectations for this new AP board.




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