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John Peel


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I was saddened to learn today on the BBC website that DJ John Peel has died.


He was a central figure in getting new music airplay and played much that otherwise would never have been heard on the BBC.


I was a regular listener to his weekly World Service shows many years ago and even when the music was horrible, admired his commitment to playing it - he considered it his job to act as a conduit for new music rather than an arbiter of taste.


We have lost someone very special.


David Moore.


BBC Web Page

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Ah... dear Johnny. He's gone now. They're all gone now. This is very sad. Countless hours I listened to his show. And they were joking about his unique style before I was born:


Do ye ken John Peel with his voice so grey?

Do ye ken John Peel at the end of the day?

'Coz he sounds as if he's far, far away,

Then you wake to Tony Blackburn in the morning.


(Or something similar) (BBC Home Service I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again ca. 1967)

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