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Headphone/monitor sound vs sample


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I'm curious why, when I am playing guitar through my Fantom-S listening through headphones or monitors - that it sounds different (typically better), than when I playback a sampled recording (on the board or on computer) of what I played on guitar.


Some relevant specs of the Fantom-S:


- Sampling freq: 44.1 kHz (fixed)

- Data format: 16-bit linear (File Type: .WAV/AIFF)

- 24-bit coaxial/optical digital output, two stereo or four mono analogue outputs, mic/line stereo/mono input (1/4")


I run the guitar through the mic input...

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What you are hearing while playing probably hasn't been sampled yet and thus degraded. In other words what you're hearing while playing hasn't gone through the digital conversion process twice as it has when you play it back.

Lyrics. Wasted space between solos.

I can't tell you, but I can play it for you.

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