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Sound Card set up for Cubasis V5


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I am still really struggling with cubasis on my PC. There are numerous problems which i have posted on here, which i can only put down to my sound card not being set up correctly. I basically do not know what i am doing and need help.


i am able to play my midi keyboard and use the sound generator to play the notes and sounds i require but when i record it all goes wrong. When i record in realtime to the click all seems fine until i play it back. The timing is then incorrect, for example, if i play a 'c' chord on the first beat of the bar and a 'g' chord on the third beat of the bar, when it is played back the first chord is played on the first but the 'g' chord is then played immediately after the first chord. The strange thing is if i have recorded say another 5 bars of again 'c' and 'g' these are then played in time BUT out of time with the click as the 'g' chord moved in the first bar as described above. Confused?


My PC has the following sound card and if anyone can tell me what i should be doing please let me know.


Terratec AudioSystem DMX 6fire 24/96


i have put a link below for the manufactures website.




cheers for any help

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