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Korg SP-100 users-help please


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I recently bought a used Korg SP-100, the previous owner had lost the manual. I've figured out most of the key functions that relate to midi transmit channel, transpose, local on/off. I have not located the keys used for tuning, touch , and metronome tempo control.


Any info you could provide would be appreciated.


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Rogue music, I bought a used yamaha spx 90 from them about,damn, 16 years ago.It's still working great.


I'd hate to spend any real money,being the cheap ba$$tard I am. Plus, the thing is really simple in concept and eventually I'll stumble on the right keys. Just looking for that one special person that already knows it all.It's not stoping me from using the thing.


Appreciate the response. Cool forum as well, I'm new here,but I'm a die hard forum lurker.

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