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i need help 2 import samples to Roland Fantom from the following sources...


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hello, i'm planning on getting myself a Roland Fantom X-6 someday soon, but i need advice, preferably from someone who has actual experience sampling with the variety of inputs and outputs on the interface of this keyboard. ... My main concern is that i will need to work as often as possible with exterior sounds (as opposed to the internal ones). On first observation, there are a lot of inputs and outputs, which is great. And I have read that the Fantom x-6 can download soundfiles with a USB port, which is ALSO great, but...

Can I plug a turntable, tape deck, or CD player directly into the Roland Fantom x6 for recording? If so, how does it sound, fidelitywise? I saw this guy in a demo video on 'www.rolandus.com' plug a guitar right into the back of the roland for some 'skipback recording', followed by some 'autochop' sampling, followed by some assignment of the chopped (separated, rather) samples to various keys on the drumpad, all beginning with what i guess was, just a standard guitar chord. So... in conclusion, this is the type of convenience i need, but coming from prerecorded sources like vinyl LP's, tapes, and cd players (audio/ non-computer), as the first step. any help will be greatly appreciated! thank you. :confused:triskelion@mistam.com

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