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First take - VL70M


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Okay, there are a few threads where I talked about wanting one of these.


I have it now (without the Patchman tweak), and it is REALLY knocking the socks off the guys in the band. Trumpets, saxes, flugels, trombones, all sound great.


What I've found from past experience with the DX-7 sax and harmonica was that using a breath controller can make you think it sounds cooler than it does, so I've only got the other fellas' word for it right now, until we record some more. But it's an absolute blast to play. I'm using an A-30 controller, which is a little frustrating - no aftertouch, and that joystick thingie is no substitute for a pair of wheels. And that interface - man, what were THEY thinking? Crazy Italians... :D


Back to the VL - I haven't tried editing yet, either from the front panel or with the software. Some very cool strange sounds included with it makes the sound designing part sound like fun, once I get to it.


Best result so far has been doubling the "Pick Up the Pieces" horn line with a VL Tenor Sax and a brass section patch on my QS-8, LH on the QS, RH on the A30. Very lifelike. Segue to the sax solo is real natural. An especially cool performance trick is repeating a line with the pitch bend engaged and transposed so you get the same root note - some very different tones and tuning there.


BTW, I really like the BC-3. Much more useable than the old BC-1 I've been using for the last 20 years. Fun with the VL put me on a cheapskate's buying spree - bought some DX patches from Patchman, and a QSR (I've been wanting a backup for my QS-8 anyhow) preloaded with Patchman BC patches. Need a different controller setup to use those - maybe I'll un-mothball my KX-88 and see what I can coax out of that...


Bottom line - got the VL70M for under $500 - some incredible and utterly unique sounds for very little money. Big :thu: thumbs up for Yamaha!



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Congrats...I owned one of those for years until I finally got the VL1.


I actually liked it better for the breathcontrollable synth sounds as opposed to imitative patches.


It almost made my strap on controller (with a BC input) cool to use. Well, almost. :D

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How does the VL70M compare with the Korg Z1 or the Yamaha PLG board that does the same thing?

I have a Z1 and a VL7 (the VL7 having the same construction as the VL70M). The Z1's modeling sounds are very good, but the Yamaha's seem to be more "3D", more pronounced. I found the modeling in the Z1 good as a synthesis tool moreso than an as a spot-on acoustic instrument emulator.

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