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Not OT!!! Halloween Sound Effects are fun and scary!


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Every Halloween, I get involved either with the neighborhood or halloween parties.


I have no gigs this year so hopefully I can continue the scary tradition of providing the trick or treaters some background music.


We usually start of with a good pair of outdoor speakers or borrow a PA. Stereo is neccessary.


If I am not Keyboard ready (like this year :cry: )

I'll have the theremin hooked up to an amp or direct and the CD player on shuffle.


I made a Halloween sound fx cd back in 2001 with loads of scariness realized from the Triton as well as other studio effects. It's a solid 40 minutes of audible horror.


I'll mix in ELP - Tocatta (live version is scary)

Tomita: Pictures at an Exhibition, The Unanwered Question

Bartok: Celeste and orchestra

King Crimson: The Deception of the Thrush, Arena of Terror


Pink Floyd: Umma Gumma - Sysyphus, Several Species of Small furry animals etc....


Well this is how I add to Halloween fun. No Monster Mash here.


I'll usually cap-off the evening with a recording of Orson Wells and the Mercury Theater doing HG Wells War of the Worlds.

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God I'd have fun writing Halloween soundtracks, that's not a bad idea.... when I do soundtrack/ambient/creepy type stuff, it's not like cheesey 50's or B movie stuff... more "serious" sounding. I can imagine it being used in a haunted house quite well... :idea:
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