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Stand suggestion for a Wurly and a Hammond XK-3?


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Can anyone suggest a two tier stand that will support my Wurly and my Hammond Xk-3? I sit when I play and would like the two stacked together. The Xk-3 is just too damn big to sit on top of the Wurly 200A.


Any suggestions? I am looking for something with some wiggle room for adjustments, of course.



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I use an Ultimate Support A frame with one crossbar on the closest A leg for the lower manual and the second crossbar on the farther A leg. The back of the XK-3 sits on the second crossbar (I have a 1x8 piece of wood that sits on the 2 support arms and the XK-3 sits on the shelf) and the front sits on top of the Studiologic keyboard that I use for the lower manual. I had to drill holes in the farther A frame legs about half way up to anchor the Support struts that cross in back because the XK-3 sticks out too far. It is very steady, and there is plenty of room on the floor for a pedalboard, Expression Pedal and a few other things. There is plenty of vertical adjustment, but the A frame is only about 2" wider than the XK-3.
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