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Studiologic SL880 power up problems


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Hi there


I have had my SL880 for about 8 months now (bought new) and have had just about enough of its antics.When I turn it on either all the lights come on super-bright and nothing works, or none of the lights come on at all, or all the red lights come on, pre-sets go crazy and the synth pumps out midi information so crazily that Logic crashes due to midi overload. Sometimes I've had to turn it on and off 200+ times before it works properly!! I've been through 3 different power cords and that hasn't helped.


Please help me! I bought the synth in the states and shipped it myself back to Australia, if I want to get it serviced by Fatar I have to ship it to and from the states which is REALLY expensive.


Can anyone help, I am at the end of my tether.


thanks in advance

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I had the same problems. Sometimes a factory reset helps, sometimes pressing the edit key a few times after powering up helps, sometimes not.


It's not giggable that way, so I had it repaired (under guarantee, took about 6-8 weeks) and sold it immediately afterwards; I didn't trust the repair at all.


Bougth a Yamaha P80 for gigs, and never had any problems since.

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