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I think Alesis should release a synth called the Ian432


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Okay, granted, it would be a bit of an "in joke" :D


But a lot of us would like to see an Ion with the Micron's reverb chip installed, maybe more polyphony and an extra octave of keys... still keeping the Ion's UI intact, of course, because it is sweet...


Hey, maybe they could even shoehorn a super-duper version of the MMT-8 in there... that would be awesome. :)

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Originally posted by TrancedelicBlues:

a lot of us would like to see an Ion with the Micron's reverb chip installed

Are we sure it's a different chip?


AFAIK, the Micron has the same processing power as the Ion. I believe Alesis is planning on a software update for the Ion that'll add the reverb - at least, that's what they told me at Gearfest...



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There was an extensive thread on Alesis putting out a "ION 2" recently. Try doing a search on Alesis and/or ION. It was a very interesting thread. Lots of alternatives out there for 16 or more VA voice synths, and for more $$$. I think the ION, as well as the Micron, are priced right for how many voices they have, features, and front panel controls. If they get into a 16 voice super ION with a reverb chip, and a 5 octave KB, that would put Alesis into a different price range of synths, and there's lots of competition in the over $1000.00 price range.


Mike T.

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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