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Synth out put (Yamaha s-80)

Mariano P

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I was wondering if any of you can help me out with the following problem. When ever, I connect my Yamaha s-80 Synthesizer to my mixer, or even directly to my sound card, I get a small and some times big humming feed back. However, when I connect my synthesizer directly to my Alesis monitors I get no feed back. The sound is super clear. So, at first I thought that the problem might have to do with my sound card or mixer, but all the other lines that I have connected to my mixer do not give out the humming. The humming only starts when I connect the synthesizer to the mixer. Simply put, everything seems to work fine, the sound card, mixer, and synthesizer (when connected directly to my monitors). The problem arrives the minute that I connect the synthesizer to my mixer or sound card. Do any of you have an idea of what the problem might be?
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Your hum problem is probably caused by either a ground loop or different ground potentials inside the devices which you connect. However, even if you know that you have one of the above problems, they are sometimes not easy to fix.


Personally, I use transceivers on all inputs and outputs of my audio interface. I just took a photo, click here

to take a look.


You see my Terratec EWS 88 MT audio interface connected to four Haufe KT 7603/S stereo transceivers. One of these costs about 50 Euros/US$ and de-couples the i/o from the devices electrically. The result is no hum anymore, regardless of what I connect.

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