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Yamaha O2R version II ...opinion

Dan O

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I have a friend looking for a 2 nd Yamaha O2R version II. I'm seeing O2R version II's on ebay for $1500.00 vs a new one at $9200.00 .


Hugh pricing difference, Is it to good to be true ? :confused:


Why are the 02R's selling so cheap vs new units ?


dano / ravens fan

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i don't know too many specifics about them (i have an 01V),

but i do know that when a new version of anything digital comes out, the old version takes a big drop pricewise.

02R96 and 01V96 put the hurt on the original's prices.

probably a good deal.

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That's right, the new O2R's are actually O2R96, meaning they are 96Khz capable, where the older ones run at 44.1 &48K

Not a big deal if you are adding it to another O2R that isn't 96K compatible.

There's also alot more power under the hood, but the O2R is a bad ass to begin with.

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