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OT-Oil Gelling in Toyotas

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Well I'm riding down the street last night and the oil pressure light starts flshing off and on and the freaking engine siezes in my 3 year old Camry. Totally dead! Son of a Bitch! So I got all bummed out until I found out the facts. Oil gelling in Toyotas is a documented problem. I had no idea. The dealership has agreed to pay for the repairs and incidental expenses. They claim to have sent out recall letters on this problem, never saw it. I'm not sure which models are prone to engine sludge or oil gelling as they call it, but here's some [url=http://www.corolland.com/sludge.html]INFO[/url] , and there's a lot more on the net. If you own a Toyota I would check this out.
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