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Years ago I had a duo that sequenced backup music. We used some midi jukebox software to load up all of our midi files (created in more elaborate software), so we could click a song, hit the spacebar and go (or just let it run through the list).


Now I'm playing in a band that uses audio backup with a click. I miss having the MIDI program changes, controller changes, etc. but a lot of what we're doing really requires the audio. It seams that all of the Audio + MIDI software is geared towards the studio. Is anyone aware of any software similar to that described above that will work for Audio AND MIDI? Only need 2 tracks of Audio. :confused:

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You may want to check out Project 5 from Twelve Tone Systems. Here's the link:


Cakewalk\'s Project 5


The negatives are you can't record directly into Project 5 like you can with Sonar, etc. and the Effects can't receive note-based Midi input although all the Effects can receive Midi CC automation. There's also no traditional fader based Mixer. But one of its proclamations is that it's great for Live performance use.


At $199 I think it would be a good choice. There have also been many positive professional reviews of Project 5.

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