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Simple MIDI sequencer?

Bob Rinker

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I really enjoy this forum - probably because of the "amateur among professionals" feeling I get! :D


A question: I would like to get a simple MIDI recorder/sequencer/editor for a MAC. I would like to be able to record a tune, edit my mistakes (both notes and timing) a bit, then play it back. I would also like to be able to take a MIDI (.MID), rip out the melody, and either play the melody while I struggle with the accompaniment, or play the accompaniment while I butcher the melody. Mostly I want to do this to overcome my own inadequate playing abilities - someday I'd like to be able to play all the parts at the same time. :eek:


It seems like Master Tracks Pro might do the trick. Any experience with this program? Any other (especially cheap) programs that you might know about?




- Bob

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