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Inexpensive live mixers - Mackie or Behringer or Other?


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I've been looking at a small mixer in the 8-12 channel range, preferably with built-in FX. Mackie has the DFX6 and DFX12. Behringer has several that are slightly less expensive. Yamaha has a couple as well. I prefer to bypass anything with a wall wart. If I look at the Mackie and Behringer with the built-in power supplies, the specs match pretty close, but the price is lower on Behringer.


Can anyone tell me if there is a significant difference in quality between these inexpensive mixers?




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I have a Behringer 802A. It's a small mixer with a wall wart power supply (which I also despise) . It's ok, but doesn't really sound that good, generally low quality. I am looking to upgrade to something better, just don't know yet. I think the mackie 1604 is pretty popular and supposed to be good. I think, you get what you pay for. I would like to have someone build me a patch bay and then run the signal through a tube pre. So the high quality pre amp gets the sound and the patch bay would be to feed signals transparently. Good luck with your search.

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