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Wanted: Arrangement for 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'


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Anyone have any recommendations for arrangements for this tune? I'm looking for an organ one, and a piano one.


It seems like there's a "standard" arrangement for each, because it always sounds pretty similar - any ideas?



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I don't have an answer for your question, but I'm taking my wife to Pac Bell for her first time in a couple of weeks. I haven't been there in a while myself. Now I've got that running through my head in anticipation... :D


....and it's root, root, root for the GIANTS

If they don't win they are BUMS

Cuz it's ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you're OUT

At the oooolllllddddd, baaaaalllll, gaaaammmmeee!!!

Yeah, I'm silly. :wave:



Make my funk the P-funk.

I wants to get funked up.


My Funk/Jam originals project: http://www.thefunkery.com/


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Man, this song has been stuck in my head for months now. I'll listen to a Sox game on the way home from work and it'll still be bouncing around the next morning.


I'm hoping I can "learn" the tune out. It seems like a standard worth knowing...

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Just thought of this thread as I'm going to see the Mets v Houston at Shea tonight.


Jane Jarvis was the organist for the Mets from inception. I used to really enjoy the atmosphere and the corny organ solos that good ol Jane provided in her day even when the Mets were less than entertaining on the field. If any of you are not familiar with the "Meet the Mets" theme song, the following link provides an excellent rendition by one of the greats of Ball Game Organists. With out further comment, I give you the Mistress of the Ball Park Organ - - Jane Jarvis!




(bottom page on right under MISC. SOUND CLIPS Meet the Mets Song (960k)

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Had a blast at the Mets game last night (they won). I don't like how the stadium organist has been replaced by a DJ of sorts. I think its kinda cheesy when they play 'snippets' of pop music prior to each batter approaching the plate.


* before the game they featured an all girl string quartet : Bond (another stupid band name)

These girls were good looking and appeared to be 'miming' their parts. They were using the latest in electrified string instruments while carefully sync-ed up to a backing track, complete with snappy sequenced percussion. Then they graced the audience with a sterile - over-produced, pop sounding national anthem, also complete with snappy pop percussion sequence.


I miss Jane Jarvis.

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